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"The Spirit of God is reaching people everywhere with the love of Jesus."

Our Ministry

We are a ministry based in Crescent City, CA. Our purpose is to live in unity with our loving Father as He reaches people everywhere with the love of Jesus. We do this by first knowing and experiencing his love and then sharing this love we have with others.

You can learn more about our ministry by being a guest at our weekly service here in Crescent City, CA. or join us from home wherever you are with our weekly radio and online service.

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"Come Holy Spirit"
Acts 2:17

Bible in Woman's Hands

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Do you need prayer for emotional or physical healing, Marriage, family, financial help to receive forgiveness or some other need?

Jesus cares and so do we!

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Our Story

I grew up in a family where there was a mixture of Bible reading, church attendance, and times of half- hearted as well as desperate prayer, amidst chaos, dysfunction and alcoholism. This I believe is typical of many American homes. Looking back at these times, I see that the Father was continually visiting our family with His love. When we are not faithful, when we can't help ourselves he seeks after and saves us!

Though I had been exposed to many different types of organized church and numerous presentations of the gospel, I was truly born again in 1999 when I sensed Jesus speak the gospel to me. Did I call upon the Lord? Yes. Did He call me? Yes. These last sixteen years have been a journey for me as my Father has used my life to minister healing and salvation to many while healing and delivering me from dead works and harmful mindsets from my past; daily I am experiencing the depth and greatness of my Father’s love for me in His Son. As I receive His love, I extend it to others.

Open Air Music

Reach Out Ministries was founded in 2005 as an evangelistic ministry to reach people everywhere with the good news of Jesus. The Father is raising us up in this generation to move by the Spirit just as the disciples did in the book of Acts, to reach people everywhere with God's love through Jesus His Son Jesus Christ. We are a close knit family run ministry. We talk and minister to people one at a time. Can I minister His love to you? Please contact me below with your prayer need or question. I would be blessed to hear from you.

Tom Pawloski- Ministry Director

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